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CHN & RC AHA Instructors
Teach a minimum of 4 classes in 2 years
These classes can be a mix of Instructor Led or Blended courses
Pass both the Provider and Instructor exams for each discipline taught
Complete Skills Verification for each discipline taught
Keep current with all updates 
Be monitored by Training Center Coordinator 

The monitoring instructor will fill out the appropriate paperwork to process a new instructor certification. The instructor is also responsible for maintaining the provider standards as outlined in the  Leadership Code of Conduct and the Program Administration Manual (PAM). Failure to meet these requirements will result in the need to take the Instructor Course from the beginning, unalignment from the Training Center, or possible termination of certification.


ASHI Instructors

Teach or co-teach at least 2 ASHI, EMS Safety, or MEDIC First Aid classes in the 1 year authorization period. Retain documentation of the courses taught during the authorization period and provide them to the Training Center Director.

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