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Secure Your Certification Without Leaving Your Home!

Kiya Beard - "The CPR Lady" now offers virtual classes for American Safety & Health Institute’s CPR & First Aid Certification!

What’s the skinny you ask?

ASHI has developed a program to obtain your CPR certification without leaving your home!


Students are able to take the classroom portion online and schedule a remote 1 on 1 hands-on skills session. This program allows you to complete your 2yr certification course from the comfort of your own home!

We handle the shipping cost of your materials to your front door, cost of your online portion and digital certification.

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Refunds are only issued if the instructor cancels for any reason and you do not want to reschedule for a class on a date and time of your convenience. 

Your live session MUST be scheduled  10+ days after your order is placed.

Equipment will ship 10 days prior to your scheduled remote skills session.

FedEx Ground

  • Secure Your Certification Without Leaving Your Home!

    105 US dollars
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