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The chance of surviving sudden cardiac arrest decreases 7-10% every minute that passes without an AED shock. Given EMS response time can be anywhere from a few minutes to 15+ minutes, it’s crucial you be prepared to respond on-site with both early CPR and AED use.

Our Life-saving Devices!

AED Packages

All AEDs are sold as a comprehensive package to make purchasing and owning an AED effortless. Packages are designed to address your unique needs, whether it’s in the workplace, at school or on the go.

AED packages may include:
    • AED Cabinet with alarm
    • Response kit
    • AED check tags
    • AED wall sign
    • Pediatric pads
    • 1 year medical direction & oversight

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    • Defibtech Lifeline
    • Defibtech Lifeline View
    • HeartSine 350 360
    • HeartSine 450P
    • Philips Onsite
    • Zoll AED Plus

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