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 Participants will learn how to effectively create, develop, and enhance their personal safety with skills, habits, and actions. Participants will learn strategies and techniques to avoid and prevent violence in the workplace. This course involves group interaction, discussion, lecture, and practice exercises (skills/drills). 


Who Should Take This Class?

AVADE training supports anyone who could be involved in an workplace violence situation, and it’s appropriate for all types of organizations such as:

• Government

• Healthcare

• Places of Worship

• Schools

   • Sporting Venues

• Manufacturing

• Office Settings

        • Retail Environments

The AVADE Training Course Certification Students Must:
Pass the Ten Question Written Exam With an 70% or Better
One Retest is Allowed
If Student Fails Re-Test, Course Must Be Taken Over Again
Recertification for Healthcare is Required Annually
Recertification for Corporate Required Every Other Year
(No Time Requirement for Recert) Yearly Training is Recommended.
Recertification Qualification = Pass Written Test Again.


• Awareness

• Vigilance

• Avoidance

• Interpersonal Communication Skills

• Defense of Self & Others

• Stress Management

• Time & Distance

• Escape Planning

What's Covered In This Training?

• Mental Movies & Impressing the Unconscious Mind

• The Five Senses

• Predator-Prey & Adaptation

• Strategies to Avoid Physical Harm

• Post-Incident Response

• Putting the Brakes on the Fight | Flight | Freeze

• Time or Distance = Safety

•Active Shooter

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